Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Teacher II

Dear Teacher,

Two years ago I handed you my very Heart, trusting you to guide and love him in all the ways that I cannot. And you did, so wonderfully. Thank you for all of it.

Matthew: September 2009 ,Age 3

Ms. M. leading Matthew into the classroom for the first time.

By June, he was brimming with new words, making new friends and utterly enamoured by his dear Teacher:

 Last Day of School: June 2010

Best Kindergarten Teacher EVER!

 The sweet boy I brought to school this past September had grown taller and more confident as he returned to your classroom and the warmth of your familiar and welcoming smile.

September 2010: First Day of SK

Tomorrow, Matthew will bid farewell to Kindergarten and to you, Teacher.

Graduation Day 2011

He's a lucky boy, to have been allowed to grow and thrive in your care for TWO years, instead of just one. I think that returning to your classroom was good for him. I know that it was good for me, as I was not quite ready to let him tumble into the unknown.

Now, that little boy walks and talks with healthy confidence and boundless spirit. He tussles with his friends and rolls his eyes in exasperation, even as he hurls himself into my arms at day's end, eager to tell of his day, but happier still, to be done with it. Ah, boys.

Matthew: June 2011: Last Day of Kindergarten

Thank you for being a friendly face at the end of the hallway, the voice on the other end of the phone expressing concern for Matthew's hearing, the one who can actually GET Matthew to use his French words when asking to use the bathroom. For your endless patience, enthusiasm and pride in your students.

Mostly, thank you for being a wonderful introduction to school life. Our first teachers can mark us indelibly and imprint on our hearts for always - they way you've imprinted on ours.

Matthew's Mama


Dear Ms. M.

Thank you for giving me a beach ball. That's all I want to say. It's the only thing I can think of, in my head. Oh wait...have a good summer! Oh, thank you for lending me all those books.

Matthew McL.

P.P.S. Enjoy your summer. Sleep in. Drink up. Luke is alllll yours, come September!

These Are Days : Bye, Bye to Kindergarten!

Any "Dear Teacher" letters to share? Favourite memories of your own Kindergarten teacher?


  1. I loved Mrs. Dean. She was my first grade teacher. Some of the kids called her Mean Mrs. Dean. We thought she had eyes in the back of her head. But I loved her because she kept class on task and that suited me.

  2. My kids think I have magic, all-seeing eyes, too! Did you ever tell Mrs. Dean how much you appreciated her?