Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To Whom it May Concern II

Dear Summer Holidays,

 Please be sunny and warm, but not too warm. Please let there be long days spent frolicking near water and cool nights, perfect for snuggles before sleep. Let there be frog songs while camping, more fruit for the picking, new parks to play in and cool caves to explore.

These halcyon days are so fleeting - I want to remember them all. Please remind me to take the camera but not to spend so much time capturing the moment that I forget to be IN it.

Thanks in advance,
Mama to the Reds

Dear Matthew,

I promised you that tomorrow is a sleep-in day. Please do your part and sleep in past 7 a.m. In return, I promise to take you to do or see someplace new and different at least once a week, all summer long. I can't wait to see the world through your eyes.

I hope that you'll enjoy our adventures. If not, I promise to drag you along anyways,because it's for your own good/educational/I paid for the experience/I promised Luke.

Even when you don't love me and you accuse me of loving your brother more, I love you with all that I am.


Dear Luke,

Thank you for trying your big-boy best to stop pooping in your underpants and for finally accepting that it will not be your teacher's job to potty-train you come September.

 I'm very proud of your efforts, though I do wish you'd refrain from peeing on the big pile of dirt in front of our house. I don't mind so much, but I think the neighbours might and the construction crew whose dirt it is keep giving me funny looks.

 Even when you punch my knee for fun and blame every naughty thing on the ghosts who live in the closet, I love you with all that I am.


Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for giving me your queen-sized sheets, your best advice and Baileys before noon. Thank you for lending me your shoes, your ears, your husbands to help me move stuff and for driving my sons around in your car simply because they asked.

Thank you for reading my blog, retweeting my stuff,  folding my laundry, fixing my hair and for watching my kids while I run errands, run off a mad or just run, period. Thanks for coffee in to-go cups and for leaving grapes, chocolate milk and hummus in my fridge.

I couldn't do this - any of it -without you all and I am very, very blessed.


Dear God,

No doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should and according to Your plan. I am doing my best to let go of my controlling ways and trust that You know what's best. As always, my lessons are about patience and letting go.

I'm listening. I get it. But if You could hurry things along, just a teensy bit, that would be great.


Dear Elizabeth,

You are still a work in progress, but you are finally hitting your stride and baby, it's a sight to behold. These are halcyon days, my girl - remember to BE in these precious moments and remember to give thanks for them all.

Trust me. The best is yet to come.


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