Monday, June 6, 2011

The One in Which We Discuss Boobs

Sometimes, blog posts write themselves. Today's is one of those, courtesy of a delightfully cheerful Luke.

Mark is home this week, trying to cram a year's worth of household chores into 8 days. He's actually travelling between our house and his parents' farm, pitching in with their chores as well.

 In a word? The dude is busy.

Thankfully, he's not too busy to help Luke put a puzzle together. Here is an almost-verbatim conversation between them. I say almost because I couldn't hear some stuff over my attempts to stifle my own snorts of laughter:

Luke to a shirtless Mark: Daddy, you have small boobies.
Mark: Uh..yes, I do.
Luke: And I have smaller boobies and so does Matthew. But not Mummy.
Mark: Really?
Luke: Mummy has bigger boobies.
Mark: You think Mummy has big boobies?
Luke: Well, bigger than yours, for sure!

At this point, I peered around the corner and caught Mark's eye - he raised his brows in helpless, silent mirth and carried on sorting puzzle pieces.

Mark: Luke, I bet that's the first time Mummy's ever heard that her boobies are the biggest.
Luke: Daddy! You're so silly. I didn't say biggest. I said big-ER! Phffftt!

Awesome. Sauce.


  1. Love this. Posts that write themselves are always fab. And this conversation is preserved!

  2. :lol:

    "I didn't say BIGGEST!!!"


  3. Out of the mouths of babes indeed. Love these conversations! My then 5yo son once walked in on my pulling on a bathing suit and exclaimed, "Wow, mommy - you look just like Wonder Woman. If you had breasts."

  4. Bbbaaaahhha, Lori! Want to live without ego? Have a kid.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Bec, "Snort!" indeed. That Luke. He cracks me up.