Saturday, June 18, 2011

There's No Place Like This...

Yes, if you're from Ontario, you'll recognize that title. You may even already be humming the Tourism Ontario commercial tune in your head. You are, aren't you?

You're welcome.

And thank you.

Thank you to my across-the-road neighbour, Nick, who mowed my lawn.


Nick's lawn in perfectly manicured and green. My lawn? Not so much.
Nick's gardens are symmetrical and tidy. Mine?

It probably drives Nick crazy to look out his window and gaze upon my unkempt, bicycle-strewn li'l postage stamp. But he's a decent sort and so far, all he's done is tease me about "mowing my lawn." (Insert innuendo-laced leer here).

And then we laugh and I go back to ignoring my weeds and he goes back to spraying down his driveway and sometimes we meet in the middle of the street in a rainstorm and talk for an hour.

Yeah. It's like that around here.

In any case, promptly at 8 this morning, Nick hauled his mower across the street and mowed my lawn. He's done it once before too -  on a Friday afternoon, thereby ensuring that we could enjoy the weekend without having to wade through the grass to find the children.

What can I say? Yes, I have my own mower - I just can't START the dang thing. And to be honest? Nick looks way hotter mowing my lawn than I ever will.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

And you? What's the best part of living in YOUR neighbourhood?


  1. In the last few months we have met our neighbors from across the street. They are from Canada and moved to AZ on a whim. We lived across each other for almost 1.5 years before meeting, which seems like such a waste now. But now there is an open door policy and we've spent almost every Saturday night together hanging out. We laugh, drink beer, swim in each other pools and have a great time. It seems like in America fewer and fewer people really know their neighbors. Rarely are people outside in the front of their house so it's really hard to get to know each other. People come home, park in their garage and close it up before they even get out of the car. But I'm glad to have met this friendly couple.

  2. My neighbors all work and when they get home, I'm gone running kids from one practice to another! Feel like I barely know the neighbors. But we also only have a hand full of houses within sight. We are in the boonies.

    Love that he mows your lawn! You must never move. :)

  3. Ashley, I love that you've made such good friends with your neighbours. That they're Canadian is an added bonus, eh?

    Annie, I never want to move. If Nick and Jess do, I'll be heartbroken. And lost in the grass...

  4. My neighbours across the street. They love my kids. They are great to laugh with. And they invite me over to do "community service", which is to drink their red wine (because they only drink white). We also lend each other items for 6 months at a time. Not kids. Not yet.

  5. My favourite part of my neighbourhood? The gorgeous redhead that lives across from me and the five amazing people she is raising. <3

  6. Community service. I'm SO stealing that! Ha! I keep trying to give my kids to the neighbours, but so far, no takers. I have no idea why.

    Alison, I know your gorgeous redhead. She'd be my favourite, too!