Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Message From God

Yesterday, I wrote this to God:

Dear God,

No doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should and according to Your plan. I am doing my best to let go of my controlling ways and trust that You know what's best. As always, my lessons are about patience and letting go.

I'm listening. I get it. But if You could hurry things along, just a teensy bit, that would be great.


This is Life With Bellymonster  today:

I waited and waited and waited for the plumber who showed up full of contrition, explaining that he can't come today, due to an emergency elsewhere. 

Next Thursday it is.

I've been waiting and waiting for  S. from Loyalist College to call me back and she finally did, with good-ish news. My acceptance letter, though written, cannot be officially submitted until next week.

Thursday, as it turns out.

Just received an email from Luke's coach. She needs to change the date that I'm responsible for snacks, even though the date that I originally chose was the one that worked best for me and our schedule. So, instead of bringing snacks on July 14th as planned, I'll be bringing snacks next week.

Next Thursday, to be precise.

That God.

He's so funny.

And you? Heard from God lately?


  1. Very good with the funny. A master of punchlines and timing :)

    And yes, coincidently, I have today. Via a message from a friend on facebook reminding me to count my blessings. Blessings counted and I am truly thankful :)

    Sometimes, God also likes to nag you through your good friends. And through songs on the radio that are perfectly timed. You know, since mastery of timing is God's thing.


  2. Heard from him Monday. He said Nice boobs.

  3. You are both so funny and wise. Have you met? No? MZ meet Dolphin. Dolphin meet MZ. Now, love one another.

    MZ you are blessed indeed. God sure knew what he was doing when He gave you those babies, all three and for giving me you.

    Dolphin, the boobs are fab. Truly. Can't wait to see 'em up close. know what I mean.