Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day, Bellymonster-Style

As I type this, Mark is sleeping on the couch behind me, while the Reds shovel cereal in their mouths. We're going bike-riding shortly, leaving Daddy to enjoy his sleep-in without me nudging him to wake up every 15 minutes.

Matthew made a "Happy Father's Day" present at school and it includes a tiny coupon book. The coupons are for things like, "Taking Out the Trash" and "A Big Hug."

There's also one for "Sleeping In," which Matthew solemnly informed me he would honour today. He's been tiptoeing past his sleeping father and shushing Luke for 20 minutes now and I am so stinkin' proud of him. I'm sure Mark would feel the same.

If he were awake, I mean.

My gift to him has always been golf, which he played yesterday. This morning, I'll sweeten the pot by NOT nudging and nagging him to get up and will bring him a coffee without complaint when he finally comes to.

Sleep + Coffee + No Nagging = HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, MARK! xo

Am also wishing my own Dad a Happy Father's Day! He was likely up with the birds and enjoying the special quiet of a early morning, crossword puzzle in hand. This morning, he'll go to Mass and pray for all of us: my Mum, Mark and me, his beloved grandsons and for his only son, gone two years now.

I will call him in a little while and wish him a wonderful day and I'll tell him that I love him and hope that behind those three words, he hears: Thank you. You're the best. You're my hero. Cheers!

I suppose that's how it is, on Father's Day.

No matter how old we get, if we got a good one, our father will always be our hero.

God bless 'em all!

And you? How do you celebrate the fathers in your life?
How do you honour his memory, if your Dad has passed away?


  1. Well, if your ME, you procrastinate so long that you forget to send your father a card and instead call him the day before his special day (as he is traveling to Texas on F.D.) and say "Hey, happy father's day, sorry I suck and forgot a card." And then he says, "That's ok, you were always like that." And I scratch my head and wonder wth he's talking about because I have never forgot BEFORE.
    As for my husband, he does his geezer baseball league, has a couple of cards and a little trinket waiting and we'll spend the rest of the day like we always do: at our son's baseball game in the afternoon!

    Loved your post, Liz! Happy fathers day to Mark and your dad!


  2. Happy Father's Day to T. and your dad, Lisa. Sounds like a fun day! As for your Dad's comment, all I got is, Dads say the darndest things."


  3. Steve was up first, as per the usual, but I went and got the coffee. Happy Father's Day!

  4. My dad just left. We went to church and then I cooked dinner. It was a great afternoon. Now I hope to get a moment to write about it. :)

    I love that your dad prays for everyone. I feel most loved when someone says they prayed for me. It's a great gift.

  5. Nice, Belly, nice. I teared up when I read about your dad praying for everyone, including your brother. No parent should have to bury their child. Your father is a strong man. He raised a strong daughter.


  6. PS. Word verification for previous comment: redronf. The "red" made me think of your boys!

  7. Prayers from my dad are like kisses. His is quiet faith, but it's strong. Kinda like him.

    Funny how often celebrations for fathers involve food and coffee. I guess the way to a man's heart really IS through his stomach, eh?