Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grouchy Bellymonster: By the Numbers

Am completely stealing this blogging format/idea from the awesome IronicMom for two reasons:

1. She's awesome and
2. I'm uninspired. And grouchy.

I guess that's technically three reasons.

Anyway, here's the sum up (get it? SUM up? Heh.):

7. Baskets of laundry waiting to be hauled to laundromat, washed, dried and put away.

2. Pairs of underwear left in Luke's drawer.

4. Average number of times Luke pees in his underwear on any given day.

1. Number of times Luke usually poops in his underwear on any given day.

9. Times I asked the boys to put their Lego away.

2. Times I turned the vacuum on to scare the boys into gathering Lego faster.

3. Happy Meals I ordered for the three of us at McDonald's tonight, because I got tired of standing in front of the fridge opening and closing the door, hoping something yummy and delicious - and already cooked - might appear.

11. Number of words Mark and I have exchanged today.

15. Minutes before I finish this post and head off to bed, to shake this "Hmph!"

6. Kilometres I walked this weekend.

0. Kilometres I ran this weekend.

72. Times it occurred to me that there may be a correlation between my grouchy mood and my lack of exercise.

72. Times I ignored above-mentioned realization. There's little room for guilt on top of grouchy.

8. Number of days left until my husband's week off ends and the world gets back to normal.

1. Washing machine I hope (please God!) to have installed and working in my basement by week's end. Ditto the dryer.

1. Bottle of Baileys I may well smuggle to bed with me.



  1. Just so's ya know...if The Hubby is off for EIGHT FREAKIN DAYS that is PLENTY of time to sneak off to the states for a wee sabbatical, cranky lady. The beaches are warm and sunny right now. And I hear there's wine in the states. Wine and wee playmates for the Reds. I'm just sayin'....

  2. Ha! Love you Bec and would love to frolic on a sunny beach. Alas...

    Matthew has his surgery on Tuesday and Mark's back and forth between here and the farm, doing what he can for everyone.

    Fun times.

  3. And now, I must hurl myself from the roof because I did not know that!!! GAH!

  4. I wish I could come over and pour you that Baileys! I'd make a quick stop at Zellers on they way over to buy more underwear for your boys. Then we'd laugh. Or cry. Or laugh till we cry.

    Hang in there, my friend!

  5. Toss the underwear! I do this all the time. Case in point: You will find a cute pair of undies in the porta-potty at east hill park. 'Cause I don't do poo.

    I am mucho grouchy as well. Can't concentrate on anything really creative... brain stuck in muck. Please come over here with your Baileys. I will cook for you. We can smolder together.

    BTW, good for you and the 30 day challenge. I have been uninspired all week, and have been beating myself up about it at least 11 times daily. That little voice in my head saying "I'm a writer" ?! So get to it already!
    Fark. I am so mean to myself.

    And my 3 year old daughter is going on 14 with her attitude.

    And my 1.5 year old daughter/Monkey is learning to say NO! for no fucking reason at all. I think that she keeps hearing everyone else yell it at each other all day, so thats what she's doing.

    Needless to say, I FAIL at parenting this week.

    I was having a confrontation with my 3yr old, and called my Mom for advice. She reminded me that it was just a stage, that the 3yr old was just testing me. Do time-outs until she agrees to clean up her toys. (This did work, but required 4 consecutive time-outs before 3yr old complied with Mummy's demands).

    My Dad then called me back to tell me that he thinks I should just chill out and let my kids be who they want to be - forget the cleaning up. HA! I said. HA! again, I said. When did he ever have to clean up after a child? I asked him. I reminded him that he doesn't even clean up after himself.

    5 hours later, I am not saying Ha. I think he is on to something. Because this piece of advice is exactly the OPPOSITE of how he parented - which I KNOW from experience is a good thing.

    I have been trying to get my kids to do what I tell them to do, because it makes my life easier when they obey me. So instead of being the kind of parent my kids need, I have been forcing them to be the children that I want.

    Well OBVIOUSLY I just need some alcohol. I know you love the Baileys, but can I convince you to try an Arnold Palmer? Or a Mojito? WAY less calories means WAY more drinking!

    OOOO look at that! I think this counts as writing.


  6. Thanks for the love, my friends. As it usually goes, waking to chirping birds and sunny skies has changed my perspective a bit. A teensy bit.

    MamaB, you you crack me up! There's your post for the day - and frankly, I read about 6 different blog ideas in there. Great channeling!