Thursday, June 16, 2011

When Good Intentions Go Awry

Today was the day of Good Intentions.

Good Intentions-Gone-Awry, that is.

Oh, it started out well. The Reds bounded out of (my) bed at dawn, found Doritos in the kitchen and scarfed 'em down before I'd even brushed my teeth. So with breakfast taken care of, we headed outside to ride bikes and shoot water from the ginormous water guns the Reds received yesterday.

(Thank you, Ecnerwal. You turn will come.)

I weeded.

Came in for a snack, bottles of water and to check emails (read: Tweet, FB, Camp)

More shooting.
More weeding.
A lot of giggling.
Some crying.
A scraped knee.
A lost shoe.

But by noon, it was too hot to do much and that's when things sort of fell apart:

  • Luke pooped in his underwear. Twice.
  • Matthew got sassy and ended up in Time-Out, muttering that he knows that I love Luke more, why don't I just admit it?
  • Luke confessed to peeing in the dirty clothes basket, clobbered Matthew, broke some crayons and then punched me in the knee for good measure.

When I stumbled over Matthew making shoe obstacle courses for some ants, I knew I had to do something cool.

So, we went to Lowe's and came home with a nozzle for the garden hose...and a sprinkler:









And it was magic.


And you? What was your magical moment(s) for the day? Week?


  1. I want to move to Calgary.

    Wait...did I just write that? Must be the heat.

  2. LOVE IT!!! Sorry to admit (not really -- total lie)that my favourite part is the peeing in the laundry basket... Too funny! :D

    They look like they're having a blast. It certainly is magic. Glad you're enjoying it, mom.

  3. Ha, thanks for the honesty, Pam! :) Luke's lucky he's cute b/c he is THAT kid, you know? He certainly keeps things lively!

    I love these days. Must capture more of them, because all too soon, they'll be gone.

  4. At least the peed-on clothes were already dirty. It would have been even more painful if they were clean.

    Great pics!

  5. You raise a good and wise point, Larry! Ha!

    Thanks for popping by!

  6. at least he didn't poo in the clean laundry ! (not like i've been there- or if i have been i'm not admitting it!!)

    Looks like they are having fun and what a great mamma they have to *know* they needed a distraction!

  7. Well, it took me half a day and some wayward potty tricks to get it, but boy, I'm glad I finally did!

    And if there IS a poop-in-clean-laundry story in your life, you'd best be blogging it! :)

  8. Yesterday I escaped town with my good friend, minus children. It was magical.

  9. Oooh, child-free escapes are their own kind of magic, aren't they? Glad you got some time on your own, Annie!